Review of Sketchbooks I’m Using

Hello! I’ve mentioned it a couple of times that I’ll review a few sketchbooks I’m currently using. Today’s video is about three sketchbooks I use and what I like or dislike about them.

Hahnemühle Sketch Book
Size = A6 (portrait)
140 GSM
80 pages

Fabriano Drawing Sketch Book
Size = A5 (landscape)
160 GSM
60 pages

Monjojo A Zone Sketch Book
Size = A5 (portrait)
135 GSM
128 pages

Do check out my Instagram because I do post photos of my sketches quite often.

Let me know what sketchbook are you using and what you like about it.

Hope you enjoyed the video and thank you so much for watching.

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Direct video link: Sketchbook Review – What I’m Using


  1. snowflakeschance says:

    I love your drawings and am very interested in learning more about your favourite drawing tools. I follow you on Instagram and recognise a few of your drawings in the video. Thanks for sharing your experiences and sketches.

    • lyn says:

      Thank you for watching and for your comment! I will definitely talk about my favourite art supplies and tools soon so keep a lookout for it 🙂

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