Using a Blogging Editorial Calendar On Paper and Online

I’ve had many blogs in the past and have been blogging to some degree in the last 15 years or so. It started with secret diaries in my more youthful days… you know the kind where we would enter our ramblings and angst and then feel much better after. Many of my old blogs were rather short-lived and I didn’t get into it seriously until I started a beauty blog in 2010. But due to work commitments, I wasn’t able to blog as regularly after a while. Then I stopped working and started blogging a bit more again. Sadly, I’m still not as active on my beauty blog because I think my interests have shifted over to this current blog.

plannerbug - editorial calendar wordpress plugin

Blogging history aside, I’ve learned quite a few things in the last couple of years and wanted to share how I plan my blog posts online and now with a paper planner too. I’ve been using an online editorial calendar when it comes to scheduling my posts. I don’t usually write the content immediately but I would enter the title first and use it as a placeholder for a certain date.

plannerbug - editorial calendar wordpress plugin

The editorial calendar I use is a plugin for WordPress. I love this plugin because it allows me to see my posts in a calendar format and I am able to drag and drop from one day to another if I want to make some changes to my schedule. For this blog, I normally plan my posts about 2 weeks in advance but things will get moved around as I go along.

plannerbug - editorial calendar on planner page

I supplement the online editorial calendar with my paper planner by using a Month on Two Pages (MO2P) format. Since I carry my planner with me most of the time or have it opened at my desk, it’s easier to refer to it when I need to. Plus I get to add cute decorations on the pages, something I cannot do with the online version 🙂

I use sticky notes or plain washi tape to mark blog posts on days that are not yet finalised. That way, I can move things around on my paper planner too if something requires a change. As you can see, I don’t blog everyday on Plannerbug and only once a week (sad but true) on my beauty blog, so having the posts visually mapped out on paper is really useful especially when I have two blogs to maintain. I indicate “BC”, which stands for Beauty Cabby, to distinguish it from this blog.

plannerbug - editorial calendar on planner page

On my daily pages, I use reminders to tell me when I need to sit down and write a post or two and when I need to take photos. I separate them from my other daily tasks by putting a stamped box around it. A few weeks ago, I actually set up a planner specifically for blogging but I couldn’t be bothered referring to two different planners so I went back to combining it into my main planner. My writing is relatively small so I can squeeze almost everything into the narrow Week on Two Pages (WO2P) format.

If you’re not on WordPress and would still like to use a desktop editorial calendar, you can create one using Excel. I have also listed down a few resources that you may find interesting. If you’re a fan of Google Calendar (which I’m not), you can certainly use it too.

  • Free printable blog editorial calendar by Handmade Success
  • Not just free printables for an editorial calendar but also other pages that can help you blog more efficiently at Blog Elevated
  • This is not a free plugin but they offer free printable templates that look pretty nifty at CoSchedule

There are tons of information on Pinterest so I’d highly recommend doing a search using keywords such as “blog planner” or “editorial calendar” or ‘blogging calendar”.

I certainly hope you found this post useful and it has inspired you to start your own blogging editorial calendar too. Don’t fret if you don’t use one because if you’re a spontaneous blogger, having your posts “scheduled” may be rather restrictive.

Do you use an editorial calendar and what do you use to plan your blog posts? If you don’t use one, will you consider using it or will it cramp your style? Do drop in and share your thoughts as I’d love to hear from you. I am still learning and am definitely not an expert at this.


  1. Havok says:

    I’ve heard of the editorial calendar for WordPress before, but I’ve yet to try it – all of my planning is done in my planner! I actually just use a notepad from Target that has the days of the week on it, ha! Hole punch a sheet a week, and stick it in the planner. Ideas are noted and left to be scheduled. I’m trying to keep track of more info, so to be more consistent (and less repetitive), but that’s still a work in progress! I like how you’ve separated your blog tasks in you planner with the boxes – included, yet obviously separate from the rest. Easy!
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    • lyn says:

      I have a separate section for blogging ideas in my planner. I’d suggest giving an editorial calendar a go because it helps you visualise your publishing schedule more effectively. I will probably go back to using a separate planner for my blog next year because I’m trying out a pocket size as my daily / to-do planner. I don’t think it’s enough to fit everything into a pocket 🙂

  2. Joannywhite says:

    Ive never heard of this editorial calendar but it sounds useful. I use a similar system with the S Planner app on my phone. I use it to schedule posts on my phone and then I transfer them to my monthly pages and later week on 2 pages. The app lets me plan way ahead and also to see the posts in a calendar format plus I can always move things around too. I also have a blog section in my planner which really helps.
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  3. Susanne says:

    These are great tips and links. Thank you. I am a spontaneous blogger, as you say, and do not write regularly, but I do like to plan and make lots of notes on paper. It gives me the idea to use my Filofax diary as an editorial calender.

    • lyn says:

      Glad to help! An editorial calendar has been a huge help for me and I think it will benefit most bloggers. I think when you have posts mapped out visually, you can plan better.

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