How I Plan Unavoidable House Cleaning Chores

Now that I’m a housewife, most of the cleaning duties in our condo has been taken up by me. All 1430 square feet of it. When I was working, we used to hire cleaners on a weekly basis but truth be told, they don’t really do a thorough job and will only clean what’s “visible”. We uncovered quite a few horrors when we moved from our old house. Needless to say, it motivated me to do a better job in keeping our new place clean.

How to plan housework and cleaning chores in a Filofax planner

I’ve been looking around for a system that will work. I used to split my cleaning tasks from Mondays to Fridays and covered different sections each day. I don’t want to spend more than 2 hours on cleaning so having them split up makes things a bit more manageable. In fact, I could probably use the same system if I work but with simpler chores and less time involved.

How to plan housework and cleaning chores in a Filofax planner

I came across Clean Mama’s Cleaning Routine checklist and thought it was a good solution to planning my cleaning days. I’d highly recommend checking out her system because she covers it very thoroughly. I’m such a big fan of her’s now and actually came across her website in my pre-planner days when I was searching for tips on house keeping.

The list is split by tasks, days and weeks in a month. I don’t really follow the tasks in sequence but I will mark items that I’ve completed in that particular week. For example, I may not dust the house on Week 1 since I’m already wiping up crumbs, dirt or spills daily. So on Tuesday, I will skip to vacuum, which is a Wednesday task and will mark it off when done. Friday is the catch-all-day and I normally spend some time giving the kitchen a good clean. Anyway, this checklist makes sense in my head and suits my cleaning arrangements quite well.

I printed out the checklist on A4 size paper and shrank the page layout to fit my personal planner. I originally intended to move the sheet from week to week but I think I will put it at the beginning of the month and flip to it whenever I need to check things off.

How to plan housework and cleaning chores in a Filofax planner

There are many different ways to plan your household chores. As mentioned earlier, I used to list them down in the daily sections. But I think listing them down in the “notes” segment on the Week on Two Pages is also do-able. This will be especially helpful for those who don’t have time to do housework everyday but need to be reminded to do them on a weekly basis.

I’m still in the midst of testing Clean Mama’s system out and it may change again next month. That’s the beauty of an open ring-bound planner… it gives you more flexibility to switch things up.

So, how do you plan the oh-so-dreaded house chores and do you use a similar system? Do share your thoughts as I’d love to learn more from you.


  1. Havok says:

    I wish I had the commitment to be able to switch tasks around to different days! As it is, towards the end of the week I get lazy and just put stuff off!
    I had a weekly cleaning checklist I was using, and it was detailed and always ready to go. But with switching to daily pages, I’ve just added the room to tackle for that day to my daily to-do list. I was keeping track of daily tasks, like dishes and laundry and all that, but it became a bit too tedious – and I’m hoping I don’t have to actually remind myself to do dishes every day anymore, ha!
    Havok recently posted…“I didn’t raise you to be lazy!”My Profile

    • lyn says:

      Hehehe, dishes are unavoidable but I do them everyday so I don’t bother writing it down. I think just by tracking a few tasks that you “must” do in the week is sufficient. Also, if they are repeating tasks, you can just add them on a sticky note and move it week to week to be reminded.

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