Building a Planning Habit

filofax - planning routine

When it comes to writing on paper planners, I believe that consistency is key to maintaining a routine or habit. I realise that I may not be the best authority on this subject since I’m relatively new in this area but I’d like to go ahead and share my one month Filofax experience anyway.

On Sunday evenings, usually after dinner and washing up, I will set up some time to review the upcoming week. That’s when I will decorate the pages and note down any reminders, events or tasks that I need to attend to. This is a good way to prioritise tasks you need to accomplish in the next 7 days and plan your time accordingly. I will enter additional to-dos throughout the week and may include a couple more stickers and stamps along the way. You know, just to keep things cute and colourful.

I go through my planner in the morning when I have my first cup of coffee and will review my day after noon and again in the evening. Completed tasks will earn a tick next to them and I will reschedule those that I need to move to another day.

filofax - planning routine

Here’s an example of a “blank” week. I start by decorating the pages with some washi tape and a Halloween stamp. Also, I just received my StudioL2E ListIt stamp and was testing out a few things here and there. My week normally has the usual reminders noted down first, such as cleaning and working out. But the pages will easily get filled up as the days roll by.

Establishing a planning routine is important. It allows you to reflect on your day and to organise future days. I find that when I write things down, I tend to remember them better. It is also immensely helpful if you’re using your planner to track daily expenses because you can enter what you’ve spent and do a tally in the month end. Of course you can use your phone to track but I’ve tried that before and it tends to get lost amongst my many apps and I don’t feel as diligent about updating it.

So, do you have a planning habit and have you found it to be helpful? How do you normally start organising your week? Do share your thoughts as I’d love to hear them.


    • lyn says:

      The decorations are just to keep things cute and interesting but not necessary at all. I didn’t want my planner to look too “serious”, if that makes sense. I admire many cute and creatively decorated planners. For my own use though, I need the writing space and I like things in a relatively neat and organised fashion.

  1. Becky Wilkinson Perry says:

    I am thinking that I am probably not as busy as most people because I am not sure I need a weekly planning session. I homeschool and have a separate planner that I do update and plan in regularly. When I add new weekly pages to my regular planner, I add all the appointments from my monthly calendar and I double-check my “future” page. From there, I check my planner several times throughout the day and add any new events or appointments that might come up.
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    • lyn says:

      Hi Becky, You have a pretty good routine and I don’t think it’s necessary to have a “session”. I just like reviewing the upcoming week on Sunday and to allocate some time to decorate my pages.

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