Reviving The Blog

I honestly feel as if I’ve been living under a rock the past two years because I just discovered papercraft challenges. Yes, I’ve come across them from time to time in various blogs and videos but it didn’t occur to me that anyone can participate too. I thought that only folks in design teams were doing these challenges.

Anyway, I thought this is a great way to keep my blog a bit more active. I haven’t posted much on planners because I’m only using my small Moleskine and there’s nothing particularly interesting to write about. I don’t decorate my planner anymore. It’s kept completely functional.

As for my traveler’s notebook, yes, I still am in love with it but have been lacking inspiration to do more. The house move and renovations took up so much of my time and energy. Not to mention that I didn’t have a proper space set up until September. My things were mostly still packed away and my creative room was a complete mess due to different works and repairs done in the house.

So I’m hoping that this new cardmaking hobby will revive the┬áblog and fan my creativity for a bit.

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