Filofax Saffiano and the Macaron Planner Comparison

I have had this Macaron planner that I ordered from China for quite some time but I didn’t get around to using it. It’s a great planner and is quite comparable to the Filofax Saffiano because of the similar tactile quality of the PU cover.

In today’s video, I am showing you a side-by-side comparison between the two planners and what my thoughts are on them. You can purchase the Macaron planner from various online sources and I’ve seen quite a few folks on Instagram selling these. As for the Filofax, well… you know where to order from 🙂

I certainly hope you found the video to be helpful. Do leave a comment should you have any feedback and queries. Thanks for watching!

Link to video: Filofax Saffiano and Macaron Planner Comparison

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