Friday Feature: An Interview with Strange & Charmed

We have a very special Friday Feature today! Not only are we interviewing the awesome Alexis of Strange & Charmed but it’s also her birthday! So do hop on over to her blog or social media to wish her many happy returns. Happy birthday, Alexis!

plannerbug - blogger interview with strange&charmed

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you like to do when you’re not planning?

Hello, planner lovers! My name is Alexis Giostra, many people online know me as MissTrenchcoat and I am a full time writer, YouTuber & productivity shop owner! I absolutely love spending time in my planner, organizing projects, creating new DIYs and keeping myself motivated and inspired. When I am not planning, I usually spend my time working on new items for my Shop, creating YouTube videos, and of course hanging out with my new little puppy, Starbuck!

What is your favourite planner and why?

My favorite planner is always the planner I am currently carrying, which, right now, is the Franklin Covey Compact Macaroon Binder in Black! I absolutely love this planner because it is super chic and reminds me of something that Chanel would make! I also love the way the pockets of the binder are laid out because I can stuff so many accessories and stationery items inside this planner, it’s wonderful!

plannerbug - blogger interview with strange&charmed

What is your favourite planner accessory or stationery?

Right now, I am obsessed with embellished paperclips for my planner. I have been making tons of them for myself, but don’t worry, I love to share my knowledge with others and I do have a tutorial for making your own, including a free printable template to make your own bow paperclips!

What inspired you to start a blog?

I have been blogging since 2008, but before that, I guess I was blogging on microblogging sites like Xenga for years! I’ve always been into technology and writing, so I sort of put those things together and made my own blog after I graduated college! When I first started blogging officially, I was very inspired by productivity blogs and sites that shared “life hacks” but I never felt like any of the blogs I found were geared towards women and their specific needs. Although a woman could take and adapt tips I found, I really wanted a place on the web for women who wanted to make the most of their lives that could be a place to share ideas and inspiration for living better! So, I made myself the blog that I wanted to read and I’m so proud to say that after years of work and tweaking, my site is finally headed in the direction I had originally envisioned!

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I absolutely love writing and creating new and interesting content! I am definitely an ideas person and when it comes to blogging my favorite part is always the brainstorming and problem solving! As I have progressed, however, I find that I also love photography, which was always a hobby of mine, but I feel like recently I have been bringing my A game to my visuals for my blog, which makes me very pleased and I know it keeps my readers inspired. Some general things, as well, that I like about blogging is the idea of building a community around a central idea! I love when I receive comments from readers or viewers that tell me that I helped them solve a problem for learn something they found helpful, there is nothing better about being a blogger than knowing that you are helping people!

plannerbug - blogger interview with strange&charmed

Where would you like to go on a holiday?

I think the next major place I want to go to visit is Scotland! I have been to London and parts of England, but never to Scotland. From what I have seen of the country, it looks incredibly beautiful, and I’d love to visit one day to see the mainland and then take a sailing trip around the islands!

What are your favourite stores (online or brick & mortar) to shop in?

When it comes to shopping, I feel like I am very simple! I do most of my real life shopping at Target! I also love visiting Kate Spade and I am lucky enough to have an outlet near me, which is wonderful! Online, I shop on Amazon, Etsy and Shopbop the most!

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Quirky! I love that word and it has come to represent me, my style and my personal brand online! I feel like I am something of a juxtaposition with my personal style, I love my big geek glasses and bold stripes, but I also love color, like pops of turquoise and pink.

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Thanks for sparing some time to participate in this, Alexis. I am a huge fan and love what you’ve done and how you’ve built a business. It is very inspiring!

Note to readers: If you have a planner, home and living, crafting or cooking blog and would like to take part in the Friday Feature, please write to me at (seriously, don’t be shy!).

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


  1. Havok says:

    I love how Alexis always is able to make black and white look so fashionable! I normally go for all the colors all the time, but seeing how she styles things makes me wish I was able to say less bold color and more bright accents – haven’t gotten that figured out yet!
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