Friday Feature: An Interview with MsWenduhh

Friday Feature is a series where I feature people who inspire me, or products that I find interesting. Today, we have Wenda from MsWenduhh and I’m really excited to feature her. I love her blog and the wonderful free templates that she offers for your planning needs. Hope you enjoy the interview!

friday feature blogger interview mswenduhh

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you like to do when you’re not planning?

My name is Wenda. I am 25 years old with a knack for constantly trying something new. I discovered this planner world in late March just last year! Prior to this I was into couponing for a few months, beauty and fashion, DIY projects and preschool activities. Pinterest and DIY projects was my gateway into getting into a more organized lifestyle.

When I am not planning, I am busy running around with my two busy toddlers. Pierce (2 almost 3) and Jax (15 months). I went to San Diego State University and received my degree in Child and Family Development. I used to be a preschool teacher but decided to stay home with my boys. & now I am always trying to find new activities for them to do. My husband and I try our best to provide an enriching and amazing childhood for our kids. They grow so fast! I am super into keeping track of memories but never have time to really scrapbook. I just take millions of pictures!

I really take pleasure in organizing or purging parts of my home. I like having everything have its own place. Being organized helps me have a clear mind to do other things. But having two kids really makes it hard so I’m constantly cleaning and organizing haha. I also recently opened up my own etsy shop with little planner stickers. That surprisingly takes a lot more time than I anticipated, but I love creating them and seeing them in other people’s planners!

What is your favourite planner and why?

I really don’t have a favorite. There are things I like and dislike about all of my planners.  I’m so indecisive and want to use them all, but I really can’t (I’ve tried haha). I switch my planners around every few months so they are all equally loved. My most used planners are my Erin Condren Life Planner, Oak Mulberry Agenda,  Gold Kikki-K, and recently my new Plum Paper Planner.

The ECLP is what made me get into planning in the first place. The pages are so cute so it makes decorating a breeze. I love that it’s coiled so when the year is over it will kind of be a memory book of the year! My Mulberry is an A6 size and is just the perfect size. I found it at the thrift for a steal of $1.99!! It just feels so soft and sturdy, and the size is just perfect in my hands. The gold kikki-k is well made compared to their other planners and the gold is just luxurious.

And lastly, I love my Plum Paper Planner because it is so customized! I was able to customize my sections, my layout or type of planner I wanted, and sections I wanted to add in (I have a home and blog tabbed section!) It has been so useful for keeping track of business expenses, projects, to dos and more all in one place.

friday feature blogger interview mswenduhh

What is your favourite planner accessory or stationery?

My favorite planner accessory has to be stickers. I have way more than I can use but I still keep buying more! They make everything stand out and it’s so much fun!

I also love washi tape. They make any page instantly cute. And you can also use them as separators, labels, covering up mistakes, and more!

What inspired you to start a blog?

I’ve had so many blogs! I am always trying out new hobbies. My husband says I get bored easily.  I started blogging about planning because I was constantly making my own stickers and labels for my planner. Many people asked for my file so I just started sharing my free printable files through there. And more people started asking me about how to do this or that so I started making tutorials.  I love sharing my knowledge about everyday life and tutorials. I’m no pro at organizing but I am always trying new ways that work for me, and what works for me may also work for others!

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I enjoy sharing my creations with other. I also love that there are so many people interested in what I have to share. I love that it is my place to talk about anything I would like. Ever since starting this blog I’ve also inspired people in my real life to start planning and organizing! Seeing tags and people using my inserts and stickers in their planners continues to motivate me to create more useful items for our planners.

Where would you like to go on a holiday?

New York, I’ve never been and would love to go to the east coast for a little trip.

friday feature blogger interview mswenduhh

What are your favourite stores (online or brick & mortar) to shop in?

I used to love shopping for clothes but now the only satisfaction I get is when I buy something for my planner! My favorite brick and mortar stores has to be Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Target, Home Goods and TJ Maxx!

As for online shops I love shopping for stickers on Etsy, Yozo Craft for diary stickers, and Amazon for random supplies!

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

Passionate – when I really love something I put my all into it.

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Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


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    Not gonna lie, I always look at Wenda’s blog for printables if I’m wanting to try something new. I love her style – they are so cute and yet simple (therefore usable!) at the same time! 😀
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