Overview of the Lacee Pocket Agenda

I admit one of the reasons why I got a pocket size planner was because of the pretty Midori pocket inserts that I came across at Kinokuniya (Malaysia). I didn’t see any Filofax pocket planners that I liked at the store so I decided to get a Lacee Pocket Agenda instead. It’s a Japanese brand and seems to be relatively popular here.

plannerbug - lacee pocket planner review

I fell in love with the size after coming home with it. I was saving the Lacee planner as  Christmas gift but couldn’t wait and started using it just a week after getting it. I had ordered a couple of pocket Filofaxes at a rather good deal from eBay by then and had one of them marked as the “final” Christmas gift.

plannerbug - lacee pocket planner review

The Lacee planner came with a few general inserts but no daily pages. That was okay because I planned on using the Midori refills that I got separately. The planner is a pretty pink and nude tan combination with a gold button popper on the front. It has two credit card slots, which may not be enough for most people but I hardly use those slots so it didn’t bother me.

plannerbug - lacee pocket planner review

It is made using a faux leather material (PU or PVC). The pink part has a Saffiano-esque cross-hatch print and the nude tan part resembles grained leather. There is a wider pocket on the front cover and it is lined with polyester.

plannerbug - lacee pocket planner review

I had a problem with the pen loop and didn’t like the positioning at the top. I much prefer pen loops to be in the middle. Also, the inner bit of the loop is very sticky. Although most of my pens can fit, it took a lot of effort to get a pen in and out. It’s one of the main reason why I’m not that in love with this planner. It was my first time using such a pen loop and I now know better.

I still think it’s a cute lil’ thing and plan to use it as an address book. Lacee has a few other sizes available at Kinokuniya and it’s a nice alternative to Filofax. But just be mindful of the sticky pen loop (if made with similar material). I’d recommend using a thinner pen if you are thinking of getting one.

Planner Dimensions:
Size – W110 x H145 x D25mm
Weight – 148g
Rings – 14mm (diameter)

Are you a fan of pocket size planners? What do you use? Do pop in and let me know in the comments below.


  1. Havok says:

    The colors are so cute! And is that Hello Kitty in the front pocket, with the polka dots? 😉 Looks like the shape of her head, anyway, ha!
    About the pen loop, that’s really weird that it’s sticky inside. I’m not sure on the position, though. I think it would make sense if you used the clip-part of the pen to keep it there instead of the barrel, but but it still seems a little odd.
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    • lyn says:

      Yep, you’re right… that’s a Hello Kitty dotty head sticking out 🙂 I tried using just the pen clip but that was harder to insert not to mention the pen stuck out more. Think there’s excess dried glue in the inner loop that’s causing it to be sticky and I haven’t figured out how to clean it. Plus I prefer loops to be in the middle.

    • lyn says:

      Thanks, Joanny. It’s a pretty little planner but that pen loop irks me very much. I feel like removing it but I think that may be a bad idea because it would probably leave holes. I’m now resigned to using it as an address book. It’s such a shame 🙁

    • lyn says:

      I didn’t think a pocket size would work but I really like it. This was the first pocket I got and it was initially set up as a daily planner. But the pen loop bugs me so I moved into other Filofax pockets. The Lacee planner is now an address book.

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