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plannerbug - current planners

I’ve been using a planner daily and consistently in the last 3 months and thought of doing an update on my current planners.

plannerbug - current planners

I got three pocket sized planners last year and kept the Willow as a Christmas gift (from le hubby). I interchange between them depending on my mood but have more or less settled on the Willow due to the squishy-ness factor. I initially thought of using it as a supplementary planner to the personal/A6 but I think it’s holding up quite well on its own.

What I use the pocket for:
– daily reminders / tasks
– monthly events / important dates
– housework tracker
– cooking / menu tracker
– expenses tracker
– notes

The pocket goes everywhere with me. I’ve been using it since late last year and it’s been great. I use generic Week on Two Pages (WO2P) inserts and may switch to a really pretty Midori refill set but on particularly busy days, I will add sticky to-do notes or a full day’s insert. I didn’t think that a pocket size will work out but it has.

plannerbug - current planners

The personal/A6 size planner is now a blogging/project planner and journal. This is where all things blogging (and in the future, YouTube!) resides. I’m also attempting to journal in here as a creative outlet. I tried using the Midori Date Book but I can’t seem to work with the page layout and prefer my ring binder.

What I use the personal/A6 for:
editorial calendar << click to view how I use one on paper
– blogging ideas
– social media tracker (section not created yet)
– blogging/project tasks / journal (recorded in the daily pages)
– personal goal tracker
– future income / tax tracker (I’m not currently earning from blogging)
– PR / important contacts
– notes

plannerbug - current planners

I will cover the setup of each individual planner separately as this post is meant to be a quick update on how I’m using my planners today.

What are your daily planners and how do you use them? Please share your thoughts as I’d love to know.


    • lyn says:

      The personal is more a creative outlet and the pocket my main daily planner. I don’t find it confusing but it does take a bit more effort to use two planners.

  1. Havok says:

    I like the layout of your blog planner pages wayyyy more than what I’m using, ha! I have some of it in a binder, some in my real planner, and some in a journal. I’ve gotten lazy with my organization of it all, and it’s a bit crazy with knowing what’s where!
    I love the Willow, though, the colors are great (and the pink inside!!).
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