How I Organise My Blog Feed Reader Using Feedly

It was a sad day when Google decided to pull the plug on its feed reader back in July 2013. I had to find a replacement and wanted something similar to Google Reader because I love the simple, no-frills interface. A friend recommended Feedly and I’ve pretty much stuck to using it since then.

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I’ve tried many different feed and blog readers in the past, from Bloglines to Bloglovin. But Feedly is a lot easier to use and I follow the specific RSS feed I want without much fuss. Bloglovin tends to pull in user profiles to follow and I just find it a tad bit confusing for my simple brain. Also, I follow many blogs in various topics of interests and Bloglovin doesn’t provide me an option to categorise my feeds. I think it’s more a “social network” feed reader, if that makes sense.

plannerbug - how to organise with feedly

Here’s how I organise my Feedly. I split them into categories, which makes it easier for me to view specific areas at a glance. There is the “Mark as Read” option in each category and it always stays on the page you’re viewing, without the need of scrolling all the way up to mark it. These are the two main features I like about Feedly.

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Reading the post is also pretty easy. You can view it within the reader or on the actual post page. There are also options to save, share, send to, or view later, if you like a particular post or if you want to read it offline.

plannerbug - how to organise with feedly

I don’t really do anything fancy with my feed reader and just use it as an area to read posts from blogs I subscribe to. Quite often I will discover new blogs based on Feedly’s suggestions that will pop up in the right corner.

Overall, I have been enjoying Feedly but it did take me about a week to get used to the interface. Google Reader was very straight-forward and yet was a powerful tool in organising and viewing feeds. I’ve dabbled a bit into The Old Reader, which in terms of look and feel is probably closest to Google Reader. But the service is only free for up to 100 feeds and I subscribe to  more than that.

Which feed reader do you use and what features do you like about it? Or do you prefer an email subscription so posts are delivered directly to you? Let me know in the comments below as I’d love to gather some feedback on how you read blogs.

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  1. Havok says:

    Feedly! All the way! I needed an RSS feeder, and that was one of the first ones I found (granted, this was last October/November) and tried it out…and love it. I put everything all in one “folder” and have it sort by latest by default, and check it every day. It’s amazing.
    I remember Google Reader, and it was simple as well, and was sad when they said it was going away, but I do feel that Feedly has enough simple options to make it no fuss. I’m sure there’s much more it could do than what I’m using it for.
    I have BlogLovin, only because I think you’re supposed to, but I hate it. And I hate following a Pinterest or Facebook link to a blog that was made from BlogLovin. It keeps that BlogLovin frame at the top – and don’t they know frames went out of style in the 90’s?!?! Ha!
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    • lyn says:

      The Bloglovin frame can be removed in one of the settings, that was one of the first things I did. I’ve tried out a few other feed readers and keep going back to Feedly because it’s less complicated than the rest.

  2. Linda says:

    I prefer email subscription but not all of the blogs i follow have that option. I know exactly what you mean about the frame at the top of the BlogLovin feed ..annoying..

    • lyn says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Linda. By the way, that Bloglovin frame can be removed in one of the settings. But it’s not a great option if you follow many different blogs in different topics because there’s no way to organise them by category.

  3. Paper Spoons says:

    I love Feedly too! I was really disappointed when they decided to close Google Reader and I tried various alternatives like Feedreader and Netvibes, but Feedly’s the only one I’ve been happy with. I think the fact it’s simple and pretty similar to Google Reader is what makes it work for me. I hadn’t heard of The Old Reader, but even though I’m happy with Feedly now, I’m tempted to give it a go and see which I prefer. Thanks for linking to it!

    As for email subscriptions, I’m not a fan of them. I’d find it too overwhelming if I got an email about every post on every blog I follow, my inbox is already out of control as it is!
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    • lyn says:

      I tend to be very picky with email subscriptions but for the most part, I read via Feedly. The last time I used The Old Reader, I remember it has a similar look-and-feel to Google Reader. But it was down for maintenance or timing out a lot. They may have improved their server by now though.

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