Pros and Cons of Using a Filofax

I’ve been using a Filofax consistently in the last two months and thought of covering what I like and dislike about using a loose-leaf binder system.

plannerbug - pros & cons of using a filofax


  • It is flexible because the pages / inserts can be added, changed and removed as you see fit.
  • You can decorate with washi tape and stickers. This increases the cuteness factor!
  • You can organise and divide your planner into different sections.
  • It is a proven fact that you remember things better if you write them down. There is also a sense of commitment when you do.
  • You can unleash your creativity and doodle everywhere!
  • You will be more organised and well-prepared to face the day.
  • It doesn’t require batteries to work. A paper planner will be available to you without worrying about running out of charge.
  • You can have different sizes and page layouts to suit your requirements.
  • Your handwriting will actually improve.


  • You will discover that you’re a hoarder. One planner or one roll of washi tape will never be enough!
  • You will require more space to store your stash.
  • You will start searching for a “unicorn”.
  • You will want to find planner peace.
  • Your planner may cause an injury when it gets too heavy.

What other pros and cons can you think of? Do stop by and share your thoughts.

Note: This post is partly meant for fun and is not to be taken too seriously 🙂


    • lyn says:

      The cons are very real! I was rather baffled why people were so interested in a mythical creature when I was going through a few Facebook groups and realised that they were referring to planners 😉

  1. Havok says:

    I wsh my handwriting would improve! No matter how much I write, over the years, my handwriting is the same. It improves if I’m patient and take the time to write nice, but who wants to do that, ha!
    So far as the cons go, I was already a crafting-bit hoarder, so the addition of stickers and washi tape to the collection is nothing to be sad about!
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    • lyn says:

      It’s finding space for the crafting bits and bobs that’s a headache 😉 I used to have relatively nice handwriting and it has gone downhill in the last six years or so. I can’t be bothered writing slowly too. But I think it has improved slightly.

    • lyn says:

      Glad you agree 🙂 I didn’t think that I would accumulate so many different stationery (and planners) within such a short period of time. I was on a rather mad stamp and washi tape buying spree.

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