My Favourite Stationery for Planning

Last week I talked about my favourite planner and mentioned a few of my favourite stationery in the first Friday Feature segment. I thought I might as well expand a bit more on stuff I like to use in my planners.

To be very honest, I would not have gone so gaga over this planner stuff if not for the multitudes of cute stationery available out there. When I was much younger, planners and notepads were pretty boring. In fact, pens were rather boring too. They came in the usual colours such as black, blue, red, and on a lucky occasion, you may find green.

plannerbug - stationery for planners

I can’t say things are the same these days. I’m not sure when all this fun stationery became so widely available because I’ve been out of the loop in the last decade. And there seems to be a washi tape phenomenon taking over the world. I remembered a friend of mine gushing about washi tape a few years ago and I didn’t know what it was.

My Favourites for Planning


I’ve always liked stamps and had a rather nice collection of rubber stamps a long time ago. I gave them away before moving to my condo in September (pre-planner mania) and I now regret that decision so badly.

plannerbug - stationery for planners

The good thing is, there are so many adorable stamps I can order online now. I like the ones that can fit my personal size planner and have been having a bit of fun with them. I’ve never heard of acrylic stamps until I came across StudioL2E’s and I am so hooked. I’ve been hoarding (uh, oh). I’m (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of my pre-orders consisting of her newer stamps.

The Korean stamps are so cute too. I got most of them from a local online retailer and a few from various shops. The little icons and characters add some life to my pages and it’s nice to have something “kawaii” to look at.

My favourite stamping inks are the Tsukineko VersaMagic chalk inks. I don’t have a lot of experience with inks but I like the matte, slightly chalk-like finish. The lighter shades don’t bleed through the thin Filofax papers. A few of the darker colours do but I can live with it.

Washi Tape:

Seriously, how have I not known what washi tape is until now? I visited Japan last year and am kicking myself for not hoarding stationery whilst I was there for two whole weeks. Thank goodness there are a lot of options available in Malaysia. I’ve been ordering a few from another online store and the rest I found at Daiso and Kinokuniya.

plannerbug - stationery for planners

I use washi tape to decorate borders or areas where I need to insert a notation or to highlight an event. It’s just so much cuter that way.

Sticky Notes:

The sticky notes come in handy when I need to note down an event or appointment in advance. I also use it for taking quick notes and making lists. If I’m out shopping and need to add a few more things to my list, I’ll use the sticky notes and stick them on the back of my phone or on my planner cover.

plannerbug - stationery for planners

Unfortunately, a few don’t stick very well after peeling off. It’s rather irritating because that’s the whole point of a sticky note,… that it sticks. Anyway, I’ll be using those that don’t adhere on other notepads or personal journals and will stick them down with a bit of washi tape or glue instead.


Hands up if you used to have a sticker book as a kid! Okay, stickers are completely unnecessary in a planner but I’m a sucker for cute. I don’t stick them everywhere because they are actually quite expensive. And I have a rather humble collection compared to many of you out there.

plannerbug - stationery for planners

(For the curious, the Hello Kitty sticker book is from Typo.)

Pens (or Pencils):

Can you believe I used to just write with a plain black ballpoint pen? Well, no more! The quality of pen inks have improved over the years. Gel inks are really popular these days and I can see why. They also come in a large assortment of colours and oh, I love them all so much.

plannerbug - stationery for planners

My favourites are the Pilot Coleto and Uni Style Fit multi-pens. I prefer the Uni ink slightly over Pilot’s as there is less bleed through. I use multi-pens everyday. And no, I don’t have a colour coded system. I just like colourful writing!

The End (for now):

Thanks for reading if you made it all the way through this. I would love to add in a few other stationery types but this post was getting rather long. I hope you found some inspiration though.

plannerbug - stationery for planners

I don’t go overboard with decorating my planner pages as I like leaving enough writing space. To be honest, all these stationery are not required but they do make the planning process a lot more enjoyable 🙂

What are your favourite accessories and stationery for your planner? What do you use on a regular basis and where do you normally get your planner goodies from? Please feel free to share in the comments below.


  1. Linda in Aus says:

    I have so much washi and so many stamps still waiting on my planner to arrive though. Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas. I do need to get sticky notes haven’t got any..

    • lyn says:

      Hi Linda, Oh, you’re lucky that you have available stash to start with 🙂 The larger sticky notes are great when you need to make a quick list and stick it somewhere. If you only need to highlight a specific event in your planner, you can use washi tape that you already have. I do that with the plain washis all the time.

  2. Havok says:

    I didn’t understsand washi tape at first, either! I figured sure, its cute tape, but we don’t even own regular scotch tape, why would I want it to be pretty now?!
    And now, I’m hoarding it like a crazy woman and trying to find as many different things to put it on as I can 😀
    Havok recently posted…I’ve Been Missing TimeMy Profile

    • lyn says:

      Washi tape is a crazy addiction! When my friend was gushing over the wonders of washi tape a few years ago, I thought she was a bit batty. Now who’s the batty one? Hehehe… It’s great though. I can understand all the hoarding. I went from one roll and now have more than 30 and the collection is still growing.

  3. plue says:

    i have the same monday-friday stamp! totally love it! i haven’t tried the Versamagic, as I normally use the normal versacraft/ colour. Need to try those out soon. I was actually contemplating in buying the 3 other stamps earlier, but somehow… I just didn’t. The big set is quite worth it and oh-so-cute! Maybe the next round…

    I love washi tapes! Can do almost anything with them hahahaha
    plue recently posted…Happy Chinese New Year & Huat Ahhhh!My Profile

  4. Jidapa Akkarathanaratthachai says:

    Hey just wondering which Tombow colours your pink and blue are? I’d love to order a set but am having trouble deciding which colours. The pink and blue you have are light and bright like highlighters which is exactly the effect I’m after 🙂

    • lyn says:

      Hello, I’m so sorry for not getting back to you sooner as I have been traveling and busy with new house renovations. I’m not sure which Tombow highlighters is referenced to but the highlighted strips you see on my planner are see-through sticky page flags or washi tape. I don’t use actual highlighters often. I prefer page flags or washi tape as I can move them around or toss them if there are change in plans. Hope that helps.

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