Meal Planning For The Week

filofax - menu planner

Now that I’m cooking¬†at home more, I find myself requiring a menu planner. Having a meal planner allows you to estimate how much food or groceries are required in that particular week and what you need to go out and get to stock up your pantry and fridge.

Here are a few of my favourite menu planners from around the web and they are all free printables too!

I find the ones that are combined with a shopping list to be the most useful for me. It also helps me budget for the week and I am able to track my grocery spendings better. I have one tacked with a magnet on my fridge door and carry a smaller version in my Filofax (re-sized to fit a¬†personal size page). I use removable sticky tabs for days I’m not so certain about so it can be a flexible system if your plans change that day.

Do you use a meal planner and which is your favourite? Please pop in a share as I’d love to see what you use and am open to more ideas.

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